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This has a basic description of what the function does and how and when it should be used. It may contain more detailed information on what operations the function is performing to help the user better understand the proper time to use the function. It may also conatin links to the glossary.

Arguments and Return Values

This has the general input and output values in easy to understand terms. This is useful to get a general idea of what type of data the function accepts and returns.


The detailed syntax of arguments following the standard syntax defined for davinci. A detailed page containing the syntax can be found in the glossary. Along with the syntax of the funciton, possible values for every input will be given.


One or two examples of how a the function is used step by step will be demonstrated, including what data is input and returnted. This section may not have every possible usage but it will contain the most commonly used.


If the result of the function is best explained by an example image, one or more may be shown to emphasize the point.

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Major Sub-Functions

If the function is user defined, a list of major sub functions will also be given. These will be links to other functions in the DavinciWiki.

Related Functions

Also a list of related functions will usually be given. If the function that you are viewing does not perform exactly the right task, you may want to check this area to see if one of the related functions performs the desired operation.

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